Kevvu keka…  is the means by which one of his hit numbers begins off and now that is precisely the interpretation from numerous industry insiders in the wake of listening to Pawan Kalyan's compensation for his pending film with Venkatesh, Oh My God. News from Film Nagar is that he is charging a whopping Rs 1 crore for every day for the film's shoot.

Unexpectedly, Pawan will be shooting for ten days for the film. Thus, he is said to have anticipated Rs 10 crores with the film's makers. The whole business is mindful that the saints from the mega family are extremely specific about their compensations. They additionally verify that they get each penny of the chose sum. Nonetheless, for the most part, its a standard for a legend to shoot for around 80 days on a normal for a film and charge Rs 10 crore. For Pawan's situation, he has chosen that his rate is Rs 10 crore for 10 days. Goes without saying, the business is stunned but to deal with this new advancement. Right away, a lot of people in the business are thinking about what number of crores Pawan Kalyan could have charged BJP for every day for showing up in their battle meets. 


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